Instagram Features You (Probably) DON'T Know Existed for 2020! Malkam Dior

Want to learn about some secret instagram features / UNKNOWN instagram features? Watch this! 

There are some cool new instagram features and features of instagram that are worth checking out! These new instagram features in 2020 are hidden instagram features within the hidden instagram settings which I personally thought were super cool! 

2020 instagram features, including secret instagram settings and instagram features not many people know about. This video will cover hidden instagram features you didn't know exist, including some instagram setting hacks 2019 and new instagram settings 2020.

To conclude, it seems as if Instagram has all the features + more compared to Snapchat. Why do people even use snapchat anymore. It takes so much effort to go through everyone's stories on both apps. Seeing a lot of posts about the pressures and problems of social media. So what do y'all think about Instagram's new test where you can't see how many likes others are getting? Do you guys think it might lead to people comparing themselves to others less?