Facebook Forced to Pay $550 Million to Users in Facial Recognition Lawsuit - Malkam Dior


The lawsuit was filed almost five years ago in Illinois, as the state has among the strictest laws regarding biometrics in the country.

According to Indian Express “Facebook spies on you to serve ads: Stop it with this new tool
Do you know Facebook collects data from other apps and websites that you use to serve you target ads? Luckily there is now a toll to turn your off your off-Facebook activity.

Do you know Facebook tracks you even when you are not using the platform? 

Several companies supply Facebook with information about your real-world activity like when you visited their website or purchased a product from it. It helps Facebook “personalise your experience” — which is just a fancy word for targeting you with relevant ads. 
Facebook also says that the off-Facebook activities of users are used to show them things that they might be interested in– such as events that they might want to go.”

Facebook had argued that the biometric data it collected did not harm individuals, and that there was no grounds to sue under Illinois law; however it ultimately decided to settle the case.

“We decided to pursue a settlement as it was in the best interest of our community and our shareholders to move past this matter," the company said in a statement.

Privacy advocates fervently fight against the storage of biometric information as, unlike a credit card number for example, it cannot be changed once it is compromised.