How To Use Instagram Ads to Get Followers in 2020 (EASY GROWTH HACK) - MalkamDior

Wondering how to use Instagram ads to get followers? In this video, I outline how to use Instagram ads effectively to generate more followers for the least amount of money possible. 

Followers usually ask me, “Do the Instagram Ads that I created nee from Ads Manager Show on my Personal Profile Page? ((MalkamDior))

And how does that exactly work When I Test different Audiences? Does the same Ad that was shown to different Audiences Effect the same Content on my Page?”
-Well the answer is, usually it won't show up as a post but you do have the ability to make a prior post the creative of a campaign. 

Testing audiences means creating a campaign targeting a specific group with a small budget and testing levels of success and altering variables to refine the targeting. 

An ad won't show on your page, it will show up to the people that you're targeting.

I recommend using Instagram story ads as they are currently the best bang for your buck. You can optimize these ads even further but implementing an Instagram ads strategy that includes proper targeting and campaign setup. 

In conclusion i’ve outlined how to maximize your ads on Instagram to ensure you are getting the most ROI possible. ALSO if you haven't set up your Facebook pixel, be sure to set that up to maximize the usefulness of any paid traffic for future campaigns and retargeting. 

Instagram Engagement Drop Video: 

 Hashtag strategy Video: