Shooting in the Cold – 4 Tips for Winter Photography (#TravelTuesday) Malkam Dior

Cold weather shooting and winter photography can be an extremely rewarding experience. Winter time transforms landscapes and locations into dream-like scenes different from any other time of year.

The best way to capture a moment is to pay attention.

This Canadian lake is a popular spot for photography buffs.  In winter, millions of tiny methane bubbles freeze in the ice at Abraham Lake.  The glassy surface of the frozen lake make it like a giant window for viewing this spectacular sight. - Photo by Chip Philips

Be sure you understand how to cope with the winter temperatures so you can protect yourself and your gear. Here’s a quick recap of the things you can do to make your sure your winter shooting is a great experience.

  1. Dress yourself according to the conditions. If you feel you’re not adequately prepared don’t risk it.
  2. Bring extra batteries and keep them warm. Carry your batteries close to you in order to extend their life.
  3. Don’t breathe on your gear. The condensation from your warm breath will freeze on your camera and lens. Hold your breath when composing.
  4. Be mindful of your tripod. If it gets wet the water may freeze making it difficult to use. Keep it as dry as possible.

In conclusion, please share any other winter photography preparedness tips in the comments below. Of course, share your winter images as well!