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Do you want to write better captions? You've come to the right place. We've all asked the same question -- 

Why do some Instagram posts stand out while others fall flat? Well.. It's often related to whether or not the Instagram caption that was created to support the post was written well or written poorly. Captions can TRULY make or BREAK a caption. That's why it's so important to understand a few key things before you press publish on an Instagram post. Some of the things that every brand should consider include: Understanding how their audience self identifies.

Does your audience describe themselves as entrepreneurs? If so, write a caption that says something like: "Are you an entrepreneur?" or if your audience considers themselves elite athletes you should say something like: "Have you ever ran 15k and thought you could do more?" Because guess what... Only a few people are going to read that and say... Yes. I've run 15k... And thought I could do more. That's just one tip for getting your audiences attention with a caption. 

In this video, I share this tip and much more to help you write captions that generate engagement and truly stand out in the crowd. Want more Instagram content?


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