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I Learnt this tip early this year. I have 5 categories that I rotate curated content through, which enables me to think quickly of what to write. There are so many things we can say in a caption, and half our time can be spent thinking of what to write about, so by having these categories, it can narrow down that time. I don’t follow them perfectly, but they give me a guide.

My content buckets for Instagram are:

Inspiration: I like to write something inspirational for my reader whether it’s an encouragement letter, a quote from a book I’m reading or something I saw somewhere.

My work: This is where I talk about a testimonial, what I’m working on, a tip, an offer.

Relationship building: Here I like to give a pep talk of encouragement and build relationships by showing my ideal client I am someone they can trust.

Community highlight: someone in my world I’m thankful for [e.g. a friend, a client, a family member etc].

About me: I often do a quarterly review and talk about my goals, or introduce myself or write about what I’m learning


I have found that the captions which get the most engagement are the ones I wrote when I felt most inspired. Three ways I spark inspiration for my captions are:

Buying caption starters 

Saving captions on Instagram from other people that I like and that inspired me [not to copy, but to help spark a thought of my own].

Keep the notes of your phone handy… I will often write a caption idea or prompt if it comes to mind, because inspired captions are better than forced captions.


It would take me soo long to write a caption that I finally felt would have an impact on every person that read it… and the more I focused on trying to craft the perfect caption, the longer it took me. I believe it’s important to have captions that will have real impact, rather than looking perfect. I often have someone in mind when I write my caption… maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s a client, maybe it was me 2 years ago. I not only think about writing it to the one person, but I also want to consider my instagram as a diary or a book, a place people come and feel encouraged.


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