My Multiple Streams Of Income That Make Me Over $40,000/Month - MalkamDior

In today's volatile economy it's extremely valuable to create different income estreams so that there is no dependency on only one source of income. 

There is a lot of comfort in knowing that if you are laid off from work, you'll still be able to pay the bills. That's why I want to share with you my 5 income streams in hopes to inspire you to start thinking about how you can create a new stream of income for yourself, no matter how small you start.

I want to mention that originally I titled this video saying it makes me $30,000/month but in all honestly my income is more than that. Sometimes I don't want to share my earnings on the internet (hence why I only put $30K) but I figured that authenticity is what's most important and those of you who are avid followers of mine can do the math based on previous videos. 

My 5 streams of income generate around $50k/month for me in personal income.  

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