How You Can Go From Zero To Making $100k Per Month At 18 | My Story | MalkamDior

Watch this video “Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 I Biaheza Story”  - MalkamDior 

In this video I go over my full entrepreneurship journey come up story and all the different side hustles I have done. How I went from working a minimum wage job to hitting my first one hundred thousand dollar month in profits through Shopify dropshipping. I grew followers on and used Instagram theme pages to start the business up and then transferred and scaled through Facebook Ads. 

The specific type of dropshipping I do is called Aliexpress dropshipping and towards the end of the video I actually announce my full dropshipping course on this exact topic. 

In the course I go over ​What Products ACTUALLY Work for Dropshipping, The Software I Use to Find Winning Products ​Five Winning Product Examples + Revealing Products I Have Personally Dropshipped, ​Creating a Brand New Shopify Website From Scratch Step by Step, ​Where to Get Content for Your Store, ​Setting up the Shipping and Legal Pages, ​Building a Proper Instagram Company Page From Scratch, Where to Find Content for Your Company Page, ​What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install it, ​My FULL Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy, Choosing the Right Pages to Advertise on, ​How to use Facebook Ads, ​How I Target and Scale my Facebook Ads (Full Strategy), ​How to Deal With Taxes, ​Setting up Customer Support ​and everything in between!


911 Memorial Brooklyn Bridge Experience On Airbnb

911 Memorial Brooklyn Bridge Experience On Airbnb
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