Compelling Reason Stonk Market Tanking is PROOF AMC is Close to Squeezing & Here's Why!

The Stonk Market is about to feel the full force of greed perpetuated by many of these hedge funds abusing the rules. I see short term gains coming around the corner! 

AMC was one of the only stocks green in the market today, that’s something considering most other retail stocks were down with the rest of the market. This is about to blow--MalkamDior. 

Heavy dilution

Most Redditors been in the rocket waiting for lift off since January. This journey has been a fun rollercoaster so far, and now I think we hear those boosters firing up. This month next month whenever it happens I'll see you Apes on the moon!!! 

In this video we discuss the AMC trend for the day, recent short interest numbers, and my hypothesis on why the market is tanking.

To survive the pandemic, AMC Entertainment has been burning a significant amount of cash and it has raised the cash through dilution. It may work well for the company but is harming the shareholders. 

NEW: Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has told dog-themed memecoin creators to bark up another tree, moving trillions of tokens he was gifted. A billion dollars worth of $SHIB was sent to an Indian COVID relief fund.

The company had earlier proposed the issue of 500 shares but scrapped it for the year and is planning to issue another 43 million shares. The company has quadrupled the share count in 2020. With each dilution, shareholders are losing value and investors are losing interest in the company. If AMC continues to dilute the shares, there will be fewer takers for AMC stock in the future because it is a no-win scenario for investors. 

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So they will continue to artificially sustain the economy with printed money and erode debts in real terms by debasing the currency. We will pay more for everything. That’s what you get after years of Keynesian nonsense.

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