Top MemeCoins by Investor Market Capitalization On Wall Street -

This page lists the top meme coins and tokens for retail investors. My favorite cryptocurrencies, Wallstreetbets theme, serious product movement on Wall Street in NYC. 

Dogecoin was the first memecoin because it was named after a popular dog on the Internet These projects on the screenshot below are listed by market capitalization with the largest first and then descending in order.

Why people buy meme coins?

Memecoins, on the flip side, serve no real-true purpose right now, and most of them were created as a way to make a quick cash cow. Some of these coins haven't gained notoriety because they aren't promoted by influential celebrities, lack retail investors to pump up their prices by promoting them heavily online.

How to Choose a Meme Coin  

The unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies and accompanying trends like NFTs and DeFi in 2021 acting as a catalyst, has laid the groundwork for the development of various projects, launching on various chains like Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain. 

In an attempt to usurp existing projects, each of these new tokens tries to build up hype as the next Dogecoin or Bitcoin. Most of these projects being copy-paste scams were created to easily swindle money off unsuspecting investors. Amidst all of these, the rise of projects like Dogecoin and Safemoon, as meme coins, is enough proof that while there are various scam projects, savvy investors could still make huge returns from investing in meme-themed projects. 

High Potential Reward 

Since there is no explicit checklist to help you identify projects with high rewards, you should be on the lookout for; 

  1. Projects with a long-term focus on adoption and community building. 
  2. Projects with a trustworthy team of renowned crypto experts 
  3. An ideal white paper with a clear cut vision for the future 
  4. The aesthetics of the token. Is it cute with a real meme? 

Malkam Dior speaking to savvy investors about the seemingly diminutive prospect of landing a legitimate meme coin with huge investment returns, Chairman of BIgONE Asia and Chief Digital Advisor of Mongolian, Anndy Lian, had this to say; 

The credibility meme coins are enjoying today is partly due to the increasing celebrity endorsements and top-notch promotions. I’ve noted, albeit not surprisingly, that most of the successful projects are at where they are now in terms of market value solely because of the existence of a community of forward-driven individuals working together to achieve a common goal — adoption” 

Speaking further, the Digital Advisor revealed that it is one of the major signs of a project that will be highly successful. 

Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that you always do your research”, Anndy advised.