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The AMC Bloomberg Squeeze Score is 100/100! Let's go to the moon!!!

AMC Stonk (NYSE: AMC) Bulls Are Now Convinced That Hedge Funds Are Manipulating the Stock via Dark Pools - MalkamDior 

In order to address this dichotomy, AMC Entertainment investors are now increasingly pointing at the supposedly shady practices of hedge funds in dark pool trading as the key mechanism with which the stock is being suppressed.

However, the AMCSqueeze It's official. Remember all AMC has to do it to stay above $30 (yes $30) in October. AMC has traded at least 45% above 200 EMA. 200 EMA in Nov + 45% (at least) = The bottom is $65. NFA but this is what the TA says.

As a refresher, a dark pool is simply a private exchange where stocks and other derivatives are traded. Such avenues are attractive to hedge funds as they conceal the trade price and volume, thereby minimizing the market-moving impact of large block trades. In the case of AMC Entertainment, however, investors allege a litany of abuses.

The Bloomberg terminal Squeeze score at 100/100, Daily chart ready for a bounce after consolidating on the $36-$37 price. Now AMC Squeeze trending. Stay strong apes, they are trying to bore us to sell. The first Bitcoin Futures ETF in the United States has now traded more than $500 million in volume.

AMC to accept Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in Q1 of 2022.

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