Zazzle NFT: Get $25 to Spend Each Time You Refer a Friend - MalkamDior

Zazzle Got NFT'S Get $25 to Spend Each Time You Refer a Friend - MalkamDior 

NFTs will make you realize just how many people are underpaid for creative work.

On your computer, you have pictures, music, videos, docs, that you can copy/paste/share or edit as you want. Bitcoin is the first digital element in history that you can have but neither you or anyone can modify or duplicate. What you have, only you have and control. 

How do we know? Because Blockchain. With Blockchain, everyone knows what you have, just like you know what everyone else has. And each of you knows what anyone is sending to anyone else. Just everyone's ID is hidden. Now, Bitcoin's first logical use is currency.

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NFTs taught me Snoop Dogg  is the only rapper that actually has money.

Get inspired with our independent NFT designers and top brands. Snoop might be the only rapper than can figure out how to buy ETH, link it to a wallet, and link the wallet to Open Seas. It ain’t easy. 

Digital ownership and creator royalties are two huge reasons why the NFT industry has $100 Billion potential. NFT trading volume was over $10 Billion in quarter 3 of 2021 alone, $3 Billion of it coming in August. 

Digital collecting is going to play a significant role in the future, younger people are growing up in an age where their attachment to things are digitally owned. (verified check mark, followers, trading card, art, Snapchat bitmoji). 

NFT sales have exceeded $10 Billion dollars in quarter 3 this year. In August alone, OpenSea’s trading volume exceeded $3 Billion. The future is going to be a mix of reality and online (IRL+AR+VR = metaverse). NFT are trying to plant a flag on that land, populate that culture before it becomes a corporate only territory, so that doing FB on 5 mn breaks doesn’t become taking 5 mn breaks from FB. 

Different crypto wallets serve different uses. From holding crypto, to staking, to using and buying NFTs, this video explains what different crypto wallet apps and platforms can be used for and which ones you might want to install. 

Minting is the very first purchase of a project - a lot of times it’s like opening a pack of trading cards, you don’t know what you’ll get but it could be extremely rare. After ‘minting’ is finished collectors can still purchase a project on the secondary market. 

 Zazzle NFT'S Get $25 to Spend Each Time You Refer a Friend Here