TD Ameritrade Suspends Short Selling of $DWAC - Effective Immediately - MalkamDior

Imagine if they did this for GameStop or AMC for a few hours? MalkamDior 

As long as this merger goes through, i have no doubt DWAC will hit over $2,000! Depends on share structure really. At 36 million shares outstanding this should eventually hit WELL over $2,000. That would give a valuation of 72 billion. FB is over 900 billion.. let that sink in.

So suspending short selling = shorts needing to start covering = back to shorting after shorts are cleared = 

If you look back you can see that inst. were not shorting GME or AMC as they rose, there were just so many buyers, they dropped after buyers ran out of steam.

Obviously SPAC deals at the time of merger have dilution to pay off owners, etc. Lets say worst case scenario happens and 270m shares are outstanding. At $2,000 DWAC would be valued at $540B. If this can compete with FB then still possible!

DWAC is rumored to be a conglomerate company in the making at under $100 deal of a lifetime. Thank me later.