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If you invested in meme stocks – the companies making the products and infrastructure necessary for full digital currency adoption – you would have won big - MalkamDior. 

Phunware, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHUNW) (“Phunware” or “the Company”) a fully-integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile that provides products, solutions, data and services for brands worldwide, is scheduled to participate at the following virtual financial conferences in November 2021: 

This is a once-in-generation kind of opportunity. The future of finance itself hangs in the balance. That's why my research team and I put our heads together to come up with three blockchain tickers to buy right now, before the end of the year rally. So sign up below to reveal the 2 more tickers, with full analysis of each one. Trust me, you can't afford to wait very long. If you let this opportunity pass now, you are likely to regret it in a few months.

Wondering how I would invest my first $5k? It is important that we diversify our holdings in order to keep a well balanced portfolio that accounts for inflation/deflation and rapid growth. 

Interested in diversifying fundamental concepts of Python in your portfolio? Here is a great list of the six types of stocks with different risk to reward levels.

Out of the 433 members of Congress that have reported their financial information publicly, over half of them are millionaires. In fact, there are over 50 members of Congress with a net worth of $10,000,000 or more. The #s you see represent the amount of people in congress that hold the stock:

To find out how they continue to build their wealth year-after-year, put together a list of the top 10 most popular stock investments held by members of Congress.

And while this list may not come as a shock to some, the fact that Congress is allowed to buy and sell securities, while simultaneously making policy decisions about these companies, presents an interesting conflict of interest. If a member of Congress is on a committee to govern how a certain company can operate within a given sector, should that member be allowed to trade its stock?

What do you think? Should members of congress be allowed to partake in investing / trading?

Do you love dividends? Keep reading.

The history of “cash rewards” goes way back to 1602 (Dutch East India Company). 400+ years later dividends are still here. Today I will go over the pros and cons of dividend investing.

•Usually stable stocks
•Passive income stream
•The snowball effect (don’t forget to reinvest)
•Reduction of overall portfolio risk

•It is hard to find technology dividend stocks
•In general you get less capital appreciation
•Taxes on dividends are paid every year
•Many dividend traps.


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