8 Top Stocks Held By Congress - MalkamDior

Much controversy has been made about whether or not members of Congress should be allowed to trade stocks, with some groups advocating that members of Congress ought to be banned from doing so.

However, just Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, rejected that idea; and as of now, members of Congress are permitted to trade stocks so long as they disclose their trades. While I typically respect Pelosi, I think she is 100% wrong here. In fact, that makes it sound like she has some stock ownership that needs to be investigated.
Pelosi does not think congress should be forbidden to trade stocks. He'll how do you expect the Elites to keep making billions if not on insider trading? 
REPORTER: Should members of congress & their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in congress? PELOSI: No..We are a free market economy. TRANSLATION: It’s how we make our money—insider trading must be allowed. How else could I buy a $20M house in Fl?

We need a law that prevents the law makers who own stocks of certain companies from involving that certain field. For example, law makers who own Moderna stocks are not allowed to involve vaccine policies. Like any politician, she is a representative of her constituents, and it's why Congress has such a low approval rate (everyone is "my representative is fine, but everyone else's suck"). My respect comes from her being a woman in a field typically dominated by men. Who do you think owns the land where all these Charging Stations are going. Here in Texas a filling station pops up where new. Of the positions disclosed, the eight stocks above are the most widely held by members of Congress.

What a joke, especially given a) any major investment bank heavily curtails personal account dealing, and b) when Liz Warren and Bernie are your besties, you don’t get to retain the right to speak about the free market economy like that. Nothing says "free market" like insider trading, which old Nan's been doing for years. 60 Minutes did a piece about it in 2012, then more recently her husband bought and sold a ton of shares with *extremely* convenient timing for maximizing pandemic profits.
What are your thoughts? Should members of Congress be allowed to trade stocks?