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Go Scam Me - Facts About The GoFundMe $400,000 Hoax - @seomalkamdior

Have you heard about the Homeless man involved in a GoFundme Campaign that turned out to be a hoax?  It was a good Samaritan story that turned out to be a hoax because everyone involved was in on it.
According to the New York Post -
"The heartwarming story of a New Jersey couple whose GoFundMe campaign raised over $400,000 to lift a homeless veteran out of poverty was “completely made up … to make people feel bad,” prosecutors revealed Thursday, as all three were charged with the massive scam."
The GoFundMe page gained to over $400,000 that was supposed to go to a new house and vehicle and instead only the so-called homeless man only received $75,000. And that's when their relationship got sour and money became an issue.

"Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico started the online fund drive in November 2017, claiming that vagrant Johnny Bobbitt had spent his last $20 to buy McClure a tank of gas when her car broke down along I-95 outside Philadelphia. It's because of dirt…

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