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#AMCDAY: Investors Celebrate Community - Created Day by Holding and Buying Shares -

Individual investors celebrate another community-created AMC Day by holding and buying shares of the stonk to send it higher. The renewed interest in tech and other growth stocks had coincided with a pullback in bond yields last week. At the same time, some meme stocks also rallied, led by a 17% jump in shares of  AMC Entertainment Holdings . Crypto assets got a boost after Tesla Chief Executive reopened the possibility of the electric car maker accepting bitcoin for purchases. Moves across the stock market were relatively muted as investors shifted their attention toward the Fed's two-day policy meeting. The meeting is expected to shed light on the central bank's interest-rate plans. HODL AMC = HOLD “Hodl” is meant to encourage people to not impulsively sell when a cryptocurrency drops dramatically or rises to become highly profitable to sell.  It’s not colluding to collude with other hedge funds and trade algorithmically millions of times a day and borrow billions

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