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Image SEO: Effective Tips (For More Organic Traffic) Malkam Dior

Best Image SEO Practices Now At Your Fingertips —MalkamDior-Step 1: Fill in your alt tags.Step 2: …? There’s more to image SEO than writing a few alt tags—a lot more.Some may even argue that with Google’s recent advances in machine learning, alt tags no longer matter. For example, here’s what happens when you upload a photo of a cat into Google’s Cloud Vision API—their machine-learning image identification tool:
Google can tell that this is a photo of a cat with near-perfect accuracy. That’s impressive.SIDENOTE. I made sure to remove all metadata from this image. You can also see that the filename is a rather undescriptive IMG_0696_2.jpg
So what’s even the point in adding alt tags if Google understands the content of images? Is image SEO dead? Not at all. In this post, I’ll run through 12 actionable image optimization tips for more organic traffic.1. Name your images appropriately Here’s what Google says about image filenames:[…] the filename can give Google clues about the subject matter …

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